First trailer:

We’re really excite to debut the first trailer for the movie here. Keep checking back for more updates!



New poster!

Along with the new trailer, we’re putting up a new poster for the movie as well. Enjoy!

Hopefully we got all the spelling right.


We now have Vimeo:

As we continue on this project, we’ll be posting more and more to Vimeo and YouTube with videos we’re creating for promos or as background. It’ll be interviews, behind-the-scenes and just videos we like and want to share with the world. Here’s a little graphic we made for that:


Anyway, we’re excited. Be sure to subscribe to us here:


First poster up!

Hey everyone!

For our first post on the new ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM site, we’re revealing our first poster:

The Elephant in the Room. A film about environmental issues in Sri Lanka.

Many more to come, hopefully, so stay tuned!