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Words poster 2.0: Updates, updates, updates.

Hey everyone! So I think most people have said they like the poster we made with the words on it, I think it’s my personal favorite, so far. Anyway, a little while ago, I remade it because the original is really busy and is kind of a lot to take in (though that’s the point, but it needed to be scaled down and re-worked). So here’s the next version:

A revision of an earlier poster.

As always, any feedback is much appreciated. Be sure to check back on the Vimeo channel for some more videos, hopefully going up tonight!




New web poster:

So for advertising purposes, here’s a new image we put together for the web. It was made for some AfterEffects work, and will likely go at the end of videos we post throughout the next few weeks leading up to the release of the film.

(Speaking of which, interviews and clips are to come! Stay tuned for more, including an interview with Ajantha Perera!)


New poster!

Along with the new trailer, we’re putting up a new poster for the movie as well. Enjoy!

Hopefully we got all the spelling right.


First poster up!

Hey everyone!

For our first post on the new ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM site, we’re revealing our first poster:

The Elephant in the Room. A film about environmental issues in Sri Lanka.

Many more to come, hopefully, so stay tuned!