The Film.

What happens when three American college students take a trip to Sri Lanka in search of environmental issues, hoping to talk to the people who fight for a cleaner, more sustainable planet every day?

You get a film. (Coming in Spring 2011).

The Elephant in the Room

That’s essentially the story behind “The Elephant in the Room,” a movie by the Periclean Scholars Class of 2011 at Elon University. Project Pericles is a program at Elon that acts as a hybrid club and class — students learn about a specific area for three years and implement projects to address a wide range of issues. The Class of 2011 focuses on Sri Lanka, and has put much of its time and energy into working with environmental issues.

In January 2011, Jesse Lee, Chas Smith and Jack Dodson took a trip to Sri Lanka to find out if they could document what the class had been studying for the last three years. What they found surprised them — the issues weren’t country-specific. There were wildlife conflicts, waste management issues and destruction from natural disasters. There were people who didn’t know anything about the environment they lived in. And then there were the people who work every day to try to fix these problems.

As Patricia Butenis, U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, put it, these are “one-world issues.”

This site will function as a place to provide updates and insight into the film, and bits will also be posted as they’re completed.


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