Review: What this is all about.

Stop. Rewind.

The more I post to this thing, the more I’m starting to think this site needs words. That poster we put up with all the words already covers a lot of that, sure, but maybe not in the way that I’m thinking. I want discussion, forum, debate. I want people who look at our documentary to come on here and give feedback, and use this as a resource to talk about the environment.

So, that being said, here’s some thoughts about what we’re doing, simply from my perspective:

I’m the tech guy. The videographer, the editor, the one who’s taking this elaborate idea of Chas and Jesse’s and transferring it to the screen. And I came on late. When I started, I knew pretty much this: the idea is to make a documentary about environmental issues in Sri Lanka, specifically focused on water and its history in the country as being one of the most advanced systems in the ancient world, though now it’s in the same position as almost any developing country.

And usually as you get started on projects like this, your idea gets more specific. Ours got shifted significantly. It became broader. And it became about us, in part.

The reason for this is two-fold. We want people to understand and appreciate Sri Lanka and its environmental issues from a perspective they can associate with. Just a movie about Sri Lanka’s environment is difficult to sell, people won’t be able to connect to it. The other reason is simply this: we needed a stronger story, and we weren’t going to pretend like “The Elephant in the Room” was going to be the end-all and be-all of discussions about the environment in Sri Lanka. We had to shape it to what we were doing — traveling on a college trip and trying to shoot a documentary along the way.

So, now, here we are with about 35 hours of footage all-told, gathered with five cameras, and a script and all these hopes. Now we need you.



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